Tantra Massages for Couples

In individual tantra massages - lingam massage for men and yoni massage for women - the goal is self-knowledge and exploration of their own body, sensuality and pleasure.

The Tantra Massage for Couples is a moment of singular intimacy where the partners strip off the masks and see themselves as they really are.



Benefits of Couple’s Trantic Massage

In addition to the benefits of relaxation, self-knowledge and help in solving sexual and emotional problems, this massage brings the couple closer together, causing greater movement in the energetic centers, awakening people to share pleasure, inciting them to search for new experiences, emotions and sensations.

Tantric massage helps the couple to free themselves from fears, anxiety, jealousy, judgments and control, leading them to a new level of confidence in each other, in themselves, in their self-esteem, which is reproduced in the remaining variables of their life.

More than a therapy, tantric massage for couples is a sharing experience that both will want to remember.



How Tantra Massage for Couples is Performed

Like tantra individual massages, tantric massage for couples is performed with essential and aromatic and relaxing oils, in the same room and at the same time, in a warm, friendly and sensual environment.

During therapy, it is desire to transmit as much relaxation and well-being as possible to the two members of the couple, always respecting the limits of each one.

Bring your partner to receive this gift and broaden your view of life, body and relationship.

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For a even more relaxing experience, our massage centres in Lisbon offers a personalized transportation service to our costumers. Talk to us.

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