Roots of Acupuncture

Although its origin, as a therapy, is linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the word acupuncture derives from Latin (acus = needle; punctura = placement).

Acupuncture has emerged in Chinese prehistory, and is therefore an age-old therapy. TMC argues that we have several energy points that, when pressed or stimulated, produce an innumerable beneficial effects for the body and general health. It is also based on meridians (bodily, connecting organs and energy points), reflexology and other holistic therapies and theories.



Acupuncture’s Benefits

Although it is a therapeutic form with thousands of years of existence, acupuncture does not have, yet, a scientific and empirical bases that prove its effectiveness in the treatment of certain pathologies or relief of some symptoms.

However, there are numerous reports of success from patients and physicians (western conventional medicine) in specific cases such as:

  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Relief of oncological treatment’s side effects
  • Relief of symptoms linked to anxiety and depression
  • Relief of nausea, vomiting and malaise

In addition to the relief of these symptoms, acupuncture assists for treatments to:

  • Lose weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Chronic diseases - sinusitis, rhinitis and asthma
  • Sleep disorders or insomnia

These are not the only uses of acupuncture, but they are the most well-known and consensual among the different medical communities.

An acupuncture session always allows for a sense of relaxation and well-being that will bring numerous benefits to your physical, mental and emotional health.



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