Thai Massage


Thai massage is a therapy that works the mind and the body simultaneously. This technique is ideal for cleansing the soul as it incorporates practices such as Yoga. Massage is a way to relax the mind and muscles.


How is the Thai Massage?

The Thai massage is one of the oldest therapies, with 2500 years. Nowadays, this massage is still used in Thailand in order to prevent disease and treatment of them.


Its main objective is to maintain the balance of the human body, provide well-being and promote flexibility. Thai massage is done through slight pressures on body points.


Thai Massage - Advantages

  • Increases blood circulation;
  • Slows the aging process;
  • Improves posture, corrects body alignment and dissolves energetic blockages;
  • Reduces arthritis and back pain;
  • Cleanses and calms the mind;
  • Reduces stress level;
  • Improves breathing;
  • Prevents diseases, and relieves degenerative diseases.

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Transportation Service

For a even more relaxing experience, our massage centres in Lisbon offers a personalized transportation service to our costumers. Talk to us.

Special Treats

For your well-being, we treat our costumers with a glass of champagne before the massage and a cup of tea with cookies afterwards. Enjoy the best of Lisbon.