Is tantric sex worth a try? Wasting time preparing the environment, meditating, training your breath, giving erotic massages and experimenting with a list of positions to postpone the moment of orgasm and enjoy longer sensations of pleasure throughout your body?


Of course, yes! If you doubt it, read on and understand what tantric sex is and how you can start on this spiritual journey through sexuality.



What is Tantric Sex?

It isn't easy to explain what tantric sex is without first talking about the tantra philosophy (born in India about 5,000 years ago) according to which in the universe everything is energy that needs to flow and that to circulate, it needs a body, but also a body, connection, love, intimacy and expansion. Only in this way is the human being fully developed: mental, spiritual, physiological and, of course, sexual.


And when it comes to sexuality, tantra philosophy has a very spiritual outlook, based on ancient Hindu practices that promoted deeper intimacy using breath, touch, energy and delayed orgasm. And that's how tantric sex came into being!


A form of sexual relationship that focuses on pleasure during sex that the longer it takes, the better. The objective, therefore, isn't to reach orgasm quickly or even to reach orgasm, but rather to enjoy a feeling of pleasure and maintain it through arousal for as long as possible!


Therefore, tantric sex is not just about sex (in fact penetration is not even necessary), but about a circulation of energy between partners that in itself can even cause orgasm. An orgasm quite different from the usual in conventional sex because it is built slowly and intensely as a result of pleasure, satisfaction and energy generated in the love relationship.



How to start with tantric sex?

If you are willing to start with tantric sex, you must bear in mind that the path of tantra is spiritual and therefore you must be prepared to see sexuality as a conscious meditation for the healthy flow of physical energies.


Of course, you also need to have some patience and a lot of dedication to achieve that immense and lasting pleasure that tantric sex announces, but surely it will be worth the effort. Take the first step and take note of these tips!




The space where you will start tantric sex must be prepared in advance. Naturally, it must be a clean, comfortable place with ambient lighting, but it must also be a place prepared to ward off bad astral energies through incense and mantra music or any kind of soft melody, without lyrics.


In addition, it should be decorated with stimulating colors such as reds and oranges, have the bed close to the floor, rugs, pillows, candles, flowers and other accessories that can add tranquility and sensuality to this environment. You can even open a bottle of wine and have some chocolates or aphrodisiac fruits at your disposal to maintain energy and excitement and, of course, plenty of water to hydrate yourself during tantric sex.




Tantric sex must be done without haste because only then, with all the time in the world to feel pleasure, can you free the mind, focus on your sensations and relax the body.


It is never too much to remember that tantric sex can take hours, which is why it is so much more stimulating than conventional sex in 15 minutes where the body is not seen as a world of possibilities to be stimulated in different ways. 




Before and during tantric sex, breathing must be fluid and intense to release emotions that may be blocked and to release body and mind. So take a deep breath through your nose, inhale, fill your belly with air and then exhale. And as soon as you are mentally and physically relaxed, sit facing each other and synchronize your breathing slowly and silently until all everyday worries are gone.


Synchronized breathing will help you to focus only on the present moment, one on the other, so that vibrant emotions can begin to arise and be shared, for greater emotional connection.




During synchronized breathing, you should be naked and sitting facing each other, bringing love and intensity to your relationship in a natural and peaceful way, without any concern for sexual performance.


It is at that moment that they begin to have sex with the whole body and not only with the genitals as in conventional relationships, and to enjoy experiences with touches, oils, essences, fruits, etc. Ways to make sure you don't reach orgasm ahead of time!




In tantric sex, maintaining eye contact during intercourse is also essential to generate greater closeness and, consequently, greater satisfaction. It is natural that at first some discomfort will arise, but over time, if you continue to look at each other, you can become comfortable and more spiritually connected.




Having tantric massages or erotic massages on each other is also a common technique in tantric sex. With your fingertips, with flowers, with fabrics, feathers, silk, hot wax or ice to create different sensations and release energies. Anything goes, including lingam massage (on the penis) and yoni massage (on the vagina).




We advise positions that prolong contact, such as those in which the woman is on top and facing the man and therefore gains greater freedom of movement while leaving the man with more difficulty in ejaculating. The so-called yab yum position is mandatory!


It is the traditional tantric position in which energies are aligned with the man sitting cross-legged and the woman sitting facing him, above him, with the legs around his body. Try it because this is the best position to admire yourself physically and also to maintain eye contact and harmonize your breaths. 




The idea is to delay orgasm as long as possible, but of course that at some point they will get there and when that time approaches because they are in a high state of excitement, try to delay orgasm: stimulate yourself, but then stop and start again. new. In fact, orgasm in tantric sex is just one option.



Tantric sex goal

The goal of tantric sex is to achieve maximum pleasure on the way to orgasm. But during those moments of pleasure, there are other goals that you should be able to achieve, namely to relax and feel in harmony and balance with your partner.


All without having ejaculation in mind, because what is intended here is to awaken the senses and release energies through pleasurable practices, such as caresses, kisses or even looks, without any type of taboo or psychological pressure.


And with the continued practice of tantric sex, you will realize that ultimately reaching an orgasm is not the most important thing. First is the exchange of energy, complicity and freedom of expression that elevates sex to much more than physical pleasure.




Benefits of Tantric Sex

The benefits of tantric sex go, as you have noticed, far beyond physical pleasure... 


  • Tantric sex gives greater body awareness and increases self-esteem;
  • It balances energies and activates several erogenous points;
  • Teaches you how to breathe better;
  • Helps in the knowledge of one's sexuality;
  • Increases sexual desire and control of arousal states;
  • Extends pleasure and enables multiple orgasms;
  • Improves the quality of sexual relations and relationships between couples;
  • Relieves anxiety, stress and depression;
  • Overcomes sexual blockages, traumas and taboos;
  • Promotes balance and general well-being.


With so many benefits of tantric sex, you will certainly not want to stop experimenting and that is why we leave you the invitation to do a tantric massage in one of our centers in Lisbon. Contact us

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