If you are a sport lover, you know the importance of physical activity has on our health. Even more important than physical exercise, is to recover from training.

One of the biggest problems of the training are the muscle injuries. The sports massage is ideal for muscles recover from exertion why remove the lactic acid from muscles, so blood and oxygen returns to the muscles and start the recovery.


Sports massage in Lisbon

The Genuine Tantric, are specialized in massage therapist’s sportsmen, ideas for athletes to maintain a workout routine. If you experience muscle pain, it's important not to ignore the initial pain can make into something more serious.


Massage sessions for athletes

In this type of massage techniques are applied which are aimed at toning muscles, in order to promote a better performance to avoid injuries.


Benefits of Sports Massage

• Decrease muscular pains;

• Improvement of elasticity;

• Improving control of stress;

• Recovery from physical exertion.

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Genuine Chiado

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Genuine Saldanha

Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, n 31, 3 B,
1050-117 Lisboa

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Transportation Service

For a even more relaxing experience, our massage centres in Lisbon offers a personalized transportation service to our costumers. Talk to us.

Special Treats

For your well-being, we treat our costumers with a glass of champagne before the massage and a cup of tea with cookies afterwards. Enjoy the best of Lisbon.