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Better than a Spa treatment in Lisbon, just two Spa treatments, right? Yea! Anyone who has tried it agrees. Whoever is about to experiment is also about to agree that there is nothing like lying on the table and decompressing with magic touches, relaxing music and the smell of candles and aromatic oils.


Nothing like “diving” into a jacuzzi, sweating in a Turkish bath, releasing stress with a relaxing massage or even discovering forgotten erogenous areas with tantric therapy!


Therefore, whether in hotels or massage centers, the best Spa in Lisbon guarantee total relaxation, without forcing you to leave the city center! All offer various rituals to relax and take care of health and well-being: from tantric massages to anti-aging facials!


From Spa for two in Lisbon to individual experiences for the balance of body and mind, to correct weight, improve posture and eliminate pain, among so many other experiences that you cannot even miss in a Spa in Lisbon!



Types of Spa in Lisbon

There are several types of Spa in Lisbon where you can refresh your health and well-being, promote sports performance, relieve everyday stress in sensory rituals and holistic treatments… and even enjoy tantric therapies, among other massages!


Next, discover the main types of Spa in Lisbon.



Day Spa

The so-called Day Spa is that type of service that you can find in hotels, but also in spas in massage centers in Lisbon, which offers a wide range of massages, including body and aesthetic treatments, sauna and jacuzzi, always in a very Spa atmosphere. quiet!



Spa Hotel

Part of the best Spa in Lisbon with various types of relaxing massage, are included in the Hotel Spa category, inserted in hotel units and available in short or long term accommodation, and even for external customers.



Medical Spa

As the name implies, Medical Spa offers therapeutic practices according to a medical approach that aims to improve the appearance and well-being of patients: from sports massages to body treatments, including chemical peels and other anti-aging treatments.



Oriental Spa

Following ancient oriental philosophy and traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, Oriental Spa offers massages according to a holistic approach that takes into account the body and mind, with special emphasis on the patient's spirituality.



Spa Club

Located, generally, in gyms and sports clubs, this type of Spa has as main objective the sports massage to relax and reduce tension and muscle pain, but also to improve the performance of patients.



Spa Treatments in Lisbon

Relax in one of the best Spa in Lisbon? End muscle pain? Get pleasure? Improve your sex life? It does not do well, because there are treatments for all types of goals, among them:



Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath is an ideal sensory experience for a spa for two in Lisbon. Although the idea of ​​staying in a hot and steamy space may seem unpleasant, the truth is that this ritual, followed by a shower of cold water, is extremely effective in activating blood circulation, reducing varicose veins and feeling tired legs, reducing pain joints, eliminate toxins and combat states of anxiety.



Sports Massage

Sports massage is indicated for athletes and people who exercise regularly, since it relieves pain and muscle fatigue, helps to avoid injuries due to effort and increases the physical performance of patients.



Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is recommended for people who live at a fast pace and who have problems related to stress and anxiety, which often end up creating muscle tension, pain and malaise. Performed through firm and gentle movements over the body, this massage provides muscle relaxation, improves blood circulation and relieves tension in the neck and shoulders, among many other benefits!



Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is suitable for men and women who want to expand their sensitivity and sexuality, awaken erogenous points and create unique experiences! This massage is done on the entire body, including genitals, to increase the body's self-knowledge, redistribute sexual energies and assist in strengthening several muscles to promote an energetic, physical and mental balance.



Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is particularly recommended for those who like erotic massages, since it is a body-to-body method that uses a very special and slippery lotion that allows two naked bodies (patient and masseuse) to slide better: the Nuru gel! Ideal for a unique moment of extreme pleasure and total liberation!



Massage for Couples

The couples massage is for couples who want to improve their intimacy through a sensual massage at a spa for two in Lisbon. It is a massage performed on two people at the same time in order to promote self-knowledge and exploration of the partner's own body and body, and thereby promote the sharing of new experiences and sensations that create a new level of trust and surrender… and maximize sexual intercourse!



Lisbon Spa Prices

Spa prices in Lisbon vary depending on the location and type of massage you want to perform: a back massage for 20 minutes can cost, on average, € 30, but a Spa for two in Lisbon or a two-hour tantric massage can exceed 200 €.


A sports massage can be at 60 €, a hot stone massage at 100 €, a Nuru massage at 180 €, and so on! So we advise you to consult the range of massages from Genuine Tantric Lisboa, choose the one you like best and get in contact with us.


You will see that it will be nothing that you are not willing to pay for your pleasure and well-being!

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For a even more relaxing experience, our massage centres in Lisbon offers a personalized transportation service to our costumers. Talk to us.

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For your well-being, we treat our costumers with a glass of champagne before the massage and a cup of tea with cookies afterwards. Enjoy the best of Lisbon.