The idea behind this article is to convince you to multiply your orgasms and not your problems. Because in addition to providing a unique and indescribable sensation - after all, we are talking about the climax of sexual pleasure - orgasm brings immense benefits to the body and mind that you cannot continue to neglect.



What is an orgasm?

Orgasm is, in summary, the peak of sexual arousal, for both men and women. It is the greatest moment of sexual pleasure that, from a physical point of view, is nothing more than a response by the parasympathetic nervous system to stimuli applied to the genitals. Is that the orgasm is not only the result of direct physical stimuli in the female or male genitals, it is also the result of imagination, visualization, intimacy between partners and even knowledge about the body that allows to identify what provides more sexual pleasure.


Even so, and although it is always a moment of intense pleasure, the sensation of orgasm varies from person to person, although there are common signs: accelerated heartbeat, contraction of the muscles in the vagina or penis, chills in the body, cold in the belly, numbness in the legs and feet and then ... deep relaxation!


Orgasm does not have to happen during penetration either. It may be the result of masturbation, it may appear during foreplay or even in a tantric massage, a lingam massage or yoni massage (massages on male and female genitals, respectively).



How to have an orgasm?

If you are wondering how to have an orgasm, it is because sex, for you, is not being natural and spontaneous. And there is no problem trying to figure out how to reverse this process and feel more ready for sex. It is that when the will exists, orgasm arises naturally, in some cases it even happens involuntarily! But when there is no desire or the desire to have sex is being blocked by some belief or embarrassment, it is natural that you need help to train those muscles.


And the first tip, so to speak, is masturbation. Without worrying about pleasing or showing a good performance to your partner, it is natural that you will be able to reach orgasm more easily and explore feelings for a better relationship in the future. In addition, in this relationship you must test different sexual positions, because some can favor orgasm and, if necessary, use erotic accessories to increase pleasure.


If none of this works, a tantric massage can be the end of your problem and the beginning of a new experience with many orgasms!



How to prolong orgasm?

It is natural that you also wonder about how to prolong orgasm and have a more pleasurable sexual relationship, for yourself and your partner. Well, start by training with masturbation, holding the moment of climax to the limit.


In addition, you can frequently perform the Kegel exercise designed to help those who suffer from premature ejaculation, as well as those who suffer from failing to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. This exercise is very simple! Just make contractions in the pelvic muscles that are activated during ejaculation and are responsible for the blood flow that causes the erection.


During the act itself, if you appreciate yourself and if you take too long in foreplay (including massages and oral sex), you end up managing to prolong the orgasm and when you get there, it will be intense and time consuming!


The very atmosphere of the place where you are having sex is important to be able to prolong orgasm, you know? A clean, comfortable place with a good ambient temperature and adequate lighting, contributes to a more stimulating scenario where you will want to let yourself stay ... And if, however, the climax is announced, you can always interrupt, stop when you are almost there to then resume and reach a full orgasm.



Prolong orgasm with Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is the best way to prolong an orgasm for several reasons. Firstly, because it spreads the energies and orgasmic sensation throughout the body, male or female. Second, because it causes spasms and strengthens the muscles of Organs genitals. And thirdly, because it allows the patient to go beyond the traditional orgasm and discover new stimuli and new sensations (even in areas that he did not value) to awaken his energy and prolong orgasms.



Benefits of orgasm

  • An orgasm relieves muscle tension and relaxes the entire body;
  • It reduces the levels of stress and anxiety because it decreases the production of cortisol and thus, it gives more quality of life;
  • It also helps to overcome depressions (at lighter levels);
  • Improves self-confidence;
  • Relieves pain, namely migraines, because during orgasm the brain releases endorphins and oxytocins (hormones responsible for pain control) in quantities up to five times higher than a normal situation;
  • Strengthens bones because during orgasm oxytocin is produced, a substance that contributes to the health and strengthening of bones;
  • It improves sleep because it activates neurotransmitters that cause the brain and the whole body to function better;
  • Leaves skin more beautiful and hair brighter and lush because sex stimulates the body to produce substances important for beauty and well-being (such as dehydroepiandrosterone and estradiol);
  • It gives more immunity because it increases the levels of the IgA antibody, responsible for protecting the body against infections, flu and colds.


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