Plenty of oil! This is the rule of abhyanga massage and from here there are no more generalist criteria to fulfill, as each case is different and represents a specific imbalance that must be treated in a personalized way, according to the therapeutic objective.


And yes, the results differ (from reducing insomnia to increasing libido, through muscle pain relief), but relaxation is always guaranteed in this therapy. It is that when working at a psychic, energetic, physiological and structural level, oil massage brings in its wide range of benefits, the physical and psychological well-being that anyone needs.



What is abhyanga massage?

Abhyanga massage (also called oil massage or traditional Ayurvedic massage) is a type of therapeutic massage developed by Ayurvedic medicine that consists of the precise application of warm vegetable oils to promote a physical and energetic balance and provide harmony to the body and mind.


In fact, the word abhyanga means, in Sanskrit, rubbing with oil ... and that says it all! In this type of massage, herbal herbal oils are essential and used in abundance over the patient's entire body in order to nourish and hydrate the skin, but also in order to combat toxins accumulated in the body and restore a natural state of happiness.


It is that, regardless of the health care that may be given, the human body accumulates toxins and therefore needs an abhyanga massage - or any other type of treatment - to remove and prevent the accumulation of excess toxins, to clean the stagnant energy and benefit health in general: purifying, balancing and rejuvenating.


In other words, this reactive massage, releases and balances the patient's physical, psychological and spiritual energies to lead to a state of relaxation and physical and psychological well-being. All thanks to the use of vegetable oils and alternating pressures to restore the flow of Prana: the force that stimulates the vital energy of the body, according to Ayurvedic philosophy.


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How to make an abhyanga massage?

Traditionally, the abhyanga massage is performed on a wooden board specifically for Ayurvedic medicine treatments, but it can also be done with the patient lying on a couch, ready to receive the warm oil most appropriate to their problem, that is, the one that will penetrate the your skin and nourish the tissues (Dhatus) to release toxins in an instant!


Effectively, the great advantage of using medicinal oils in Ayurvedic massage is that their properties are absorbed by the system through the skin in a few minutes. 


But for this to happen, in addition to oils, specific movements are needed that also vary depending on the purpose of the abhyanga massage, although part of that goal is always to combat, in the context of Ayurvedic medicine, imbalances caused by the mismatch of Vata: air and ether in the body . This means that the movements vary in intensity, pressure and rhythm according to the patient's disharmony and general condition.


And after choosing the essence and the movement to use, to perform an abhyanga massage, the oil should be heated to a temperature slightly higher than that of the body and only after applying it according to the therapist's instructions. However, unlike other massages that use transverse movements, in the abhyanga massage the movements are applied in the direction of the body's poles, for circular energy to the periphery.


It is that, regardless of the chosen movements, the main action of massage with oils is the vessel dilation, and the toxins accumulated in the body are mobilized by the activation of vital points (Marmas) and finally, eliminated!



What oils are used in abhyanga massage?

The oils used in abhyanga massage vary depending on the patient's problem and specific treatment objective, as there are different oils for different imbalances or biotypes (Dosha). An example title, sesame oil, coconut oil and mustard oil are widely used, although it is possible to look for other types of oils and even supportive oils to fulfill the therapeutic purpose of massage.


In common, practically all the oils used in this massage have the fact of being vegetable, cold pressed, medicated with medicinal plants… and heated until they reach the warm state to achieve the longed for balance!



Benefits of abhyanga massage

The list of benefits of abhyanga massage is so extensive, that Ayurvedic massage therapists and therapists recommend this massage to all people, to keep the body balanced, strong, rejuvenated and healthy.


  • Revitalizes the entire body;
  • Stimulates blood circulation;
  • Balances the nervous system;
  • Revitalizes all body tissues;
  • Removes toxins from cells;
  • Improves digestion;
  • Lubricates and strengthens muscles and tissues;
  • Reduces swelling;
  • Increases flexibility;
  • Relieves tension, muscle pain and headaches;
  • Promotes rejuvenation;
  • Leaves skin smoother, more elastic and shiny;
  • Improves the appearance of the hair;
  • It gives more vigor and vitality;
  • Fights stress;
  • Relax body and mind;
  • Reduces insomnia and anxiety;
  • Increases libido.


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Contraindications of abhyanga massage

Although this massage with oils is indicated for practically everyone, regardless of age and type of imbalance, it is important to know that abhyanga massage, as well as other types of therapies, isn't recommended when the injury overlaps the benefit. That is, it is not recommended for pregnant or menstruating women, people who have feverish conditions, cases of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis or who are experiencing nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.


Outside this framework, people with traumas, open wounds, recent bruises, tumors, circulation problems, skin diseases, hemophilia, embolism, phlebitis, severe osteoporosis, high blood pressure and tachycardia should also abstain from doing an abhyanga massage. 


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